Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a few random pictures

I wanted to post this picture of Brielle because she is no longer sucking a binki anymore. Our goal was to have her be done by July 10th because thats her birthday. But it has been almost two weeks and no binki! Sometimes I wish she still had it because tha plug is really nice when she has fits. :)

The girls in there dresses that I love. Grandma Rowley got them for them. Brielle wouldn't work with us to well but they look pretty anyway. In last few months we got a new dog, his name is Gismo. The girls treat him like he is there baby which is a love hate kind of thing. But he is a fun dog to have.
We all know how it rained most of June, well they went and played in it. It was so fun to whatch them get drenched.

Life is going really good for us. Kiya turned 6 and got her ears pierced. Robb no longer works for Dispatch and now works for his Dad, and both Fire jobs are still there. So we are keeping busy and loving life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here are some random photos of the girls. One is to show you all how Brielle loves everyone elses shoes, the other of Layla and Kiya are just some cute pictures. The last one of all three girls was my favorite from Easter morning. The Easter Bunny gave them sun glasses!

Robb's Spring Break

I know I am not the best blogger, no wait I am the worst blogger out there. Anyway here is what we did for Robb's spring break.

He didn't have a long spring break so we tried to do what we could in a short time. We went to one of our families favorite place, Goblin Valley. Only this time we hiked a different hike. It was Little Wild Horse. The hike was easy for the kids, very pretty slot canyons. Brielle was a little hard to take on the hike because she got sand in her shoes and wanted to take them off and leave them off, she is our no shoe girl. She does love other peoples shoes just not her own. I had to carry her the whole way back, but she did walk the whole way there, and for a 20 month old that is really good. Kiya and Layla loved it so much. We all had a pile of sand in our shoes. We drove there hiked and headed back to my mom's in Manti all in one day. I didn't get pictures at my mom's but we went four wheeling, and relaxed a little. Thanks mom and dad for the hotel stay ;)!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Robb I love everything about you. You are so much fun to go any where with. I love that you love the out doors and that you take every chance you get to teach the girls something new, even when it comes down to snakes and spiders. I love that you are such a good listener. You always know how to make me laugh. Thank you for choosing to share FOREVER with me. Love you!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As you can see he is on his way back out. But he did stay in it up to his knees most of the time looking for treasures.
The water really wasn't warm at all.

Just some fun silly little pictures.


We drove to Roserito, Mexico a week and a half ago. It is about a 12 hour drive. Our sweet neighbors the Driggs invited us to go with them. Thanks to all of Robb's co-workers and my amazing family we were able to go with them without kids. It was so fun! When we first got there it was warmer then here but not as warm as I wanted it to be. Then it just got warmer and warmer. It was so fun to experiance Mexico, there roads are so crazy and the people are for the most part really friendly. The open air makets are the best where everyone says "Hey I've been waiting for you. Come in and see" how much nicer do you get then that. :) The beach house is owned by the Driggs really good friend who let us stay there. It looks little from the front and you have to walk down a narrow allie way to get to the part of the house we stayed in. Once inside it is big with a beautiful deck that over looks the ocean. We loved being there it was so peaceful. We saw dolphins almost everyday swimming buy. I tried to get a picture but the camera wouldn't do it justice. I have a picture of the back of the house. There are 85 stairs that Robb counted to go down to the beach. Crazy! But so worth the climb. All the houses are built so close together and the one to the left is still in construction. We ate some yummy yummy food and went to Fox studios to see where Xman and Titanic was filmed. The Driggs also invited there dear friends Debbie and Kevin. There was a total of 6 of us. They were such fun people to be with, in fact I think we are planing are next trip soon. There are so many pictures and so many stories and not enough time. I will post more pictures and maybe write more later.